JSRS has qualified Consulting Rosarians and Judges.

A Consulting Rosarian:

  •  has been a member of the American Rose Society for a minimum of three years, 
  •  has attended an ARS approved school and successfully completed the exam, 
  •  must provide letters of recommendation from 3 Consulting Rosarians, 
  •  has been active in a local rose society, has grown various types of roses and been knowledgeable in all equipment and materials related to rose culture for at least 5 years.

Jersey Shore Rose Society’s Consulting Rosarians

These Consulting Rosarians are experienced rose growers who have been certified by the American Rose Society and are there to help you with your rose growing problems.
Please do not hesitate to call them if you have any questions:

Elaine Adler*                         610‐692‐5631  
Gus Banks*                           609‐267‐3809   
Suni Bolar                             908-431-5325    
Rafiq Bolar                            908-431-5325   
Rhea Bolar                            908-431-5325   
Brenna Bosch                      609‐284‐2604   
Mary Hahn                                                        
Bill Kozemchak*                   215‐945‐8098  
Nick LaRocca*                                                 
Tom Mayhew*                       215‐757‐8049  
Terry Palise                           609‐896‐2011  
Diane Steinmetz                                              
Diane Wilkerson*                                              
* - Denotes Master Rosarian

JSRS's Current ARS Accredited Horticulture Judges
  Diane Wilkerson
  Mary Hahn
  Bill Kozemchak
  Stacey Catron 

JSRS's Current ARS Accredited Arrangement Judges
   Mary Hahn

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